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 Literary Slobodskoy

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     Every region, every district has made a valuable contribution to the treasury of Russian culture. And in the Vyatka region there have been a lot of brave, talented, freedom-loving people: librarians, teachers, publicists and poets. Some of them were able to leave their mark in literature and the arts. A significant change in the cultural and literary life of Vyatka occurred in the 1730-s. It was caused by the general development of Russian culture. Peter i promoted the latter by means of his progressive policies.
    In Slobodskoy a well-known poet of the 18lh century, and the author of the first Russian translation of Homer's "Iliad", Ermil Ivanovich Kostrov was born. His poems and translations were published in the best magazines of the time. The poet dedicated his odes to Peter I, A.V. Suvorov, M.V. Lomonosov and G.V. Derzhavin. He glorified education and the invincibility of the Russian people, popularized enlightened ideas of the century. He was highly appreciated by A.S. Pushkin.
     In 1808 Alexei Ivanovich Emichev, a literary man of Vyatka, was born in Slobodskoy. One of his articles was published in Pushkin's magazine "Sovremennik" in 1836. It was Emichev who told Pushkin and the readers of the magazine about Vyatka.
     As one walks along the streets in Slobodskoy he remembers "Red Sails" and "Walking on the Waves". One can imagine far-away cities and lands with strange and unusual names and meet noble and courageous people.
     Here, in Slobodskoy, on August 23, 1880 a great master of the written world Alexander Stepanovich Grin (Grinevski) was born. From this place he left for his fantastic and at the same time real world. A docker, a sailor, a house-painter, a digger, a fisherman, a wood-cutter, a bath-house attendant, a carpenter, a gold-digger, a copyist, an actor, a clerk and a soldier - this is a short list of Grin's occupations before the revolution. The characters in his short stories dream of great feats and accomplish them, appreciating that which is achieved by hard work and patience. They are travellers and dreamers like the author himself. Grin's books are well-known not only in our country but abroad as well. In 2000 the A.S. Grin's Prize was created, and the best romanticists are presented with it.
      For a long time Slobodskoy was a place of exile of free-thinkers. From 1899 to 1903 a famous Latvian poet Jan Rainis and his wife  Aspasia lived there. The house where he lived in Vyatskaya Street has become a literary museum named in his honour, and in the square opposite it a monument was dedicated to them.
    In Slobodskoy the sisters Gromosovs were born. They lived a long, difficult and courageous life. lya Francheski and Olga Matushina became well-known writers. Vsevolod Lebedev, an interesting and original writer was born here. He was one of the founders of the museum of local lore.
     Our town-men Alexander Elkin, Nikolai Patov, Vladislav Zabolotsky, Boris Leontiev, Alexander Reva, Nikolai Mashovets have become members of the Union of Russian writers.
      Modern literary Slobodskoy is represented by well-known names from our region; Leonid Sozinov, Vera Laletina, Alexander Kuklin, Taisia Okisheva. They have published two or three books of poems, in which the nature of our native land, the life of a modern worker, love and hatred are revealed. The collection of poems "I Love Russia" includes other well-known people from our town. In 2000 a collection of songs by the Music teacher of Gymnasia T.L. Murina was published.
     In the Slobodskoy Gymnasia the first collection of poems "Steps" was published in 2004. Here one can find the students' poems.
    The town of Slobodskoy is rich in talented people indeed.




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