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 (new)   The History of Slobodskoy    Literary Slobodskoy    A.S.Grin (Grinevski)

Fur Company "Belka"


The very name Slobodskoy tells us much. Its peculiarities, unique architectural took - everything evokes an enthusiastic response in the soul of every Russian person from Vyatka.
"Our Slobodskoy is
ancient and fabulous,
You can hardly find somewhere
a town more marvellous!
Many of us are charmed
with its magical beauty,
Vyatka is singing a hymn
to its getting still prettier".

Area - 44,3 thousand sq km Distance from Kirov -  35 km Population - 37,2 thousand people

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      Slobodskoy is a town of rich history, unique architecture, industrial power and beautiful people who have written their names in golden letters into the greatness of Russia. In the beginning of the XX century Slobodskoy was the second after Vyatka by its trade and industrial activity.
Today more than 200 enterprises, organizations, institutions work on the territory of the town. Leading enterprises of the timber industrial complex in the Vyatka Region being among them: OJSC «Krasny Yakor», OJSC "Slobodskoy Furniture Factory», CJSC «Match-making Factory "Belka-Favourite"». Furs of our legendary «Belka» are considered to be «soft gold». Products of OJSC «Slobodskoy Alcohol-Vodka Plant» receiving high-rate awards in Russian and international exhibitions have become a visiting card of the town. Products of food industry enterprises -OJSC «Slobodskoy Bread-baking Plant», OJSC "Slobodskoy Meat Processing and Packing Factory», OJSC «Slobodskoy Macaroni-Confectionery Factory» - are known all over the Kirov Region and far beyond its borders.  
The Slobodskoy land was glorified by merchant of the I guild Ksenofont Anfilatov, being one of the first to set trade with America and England going, who founded the first public bank of Russia; the great writer-romanticist Alexander Grin and the famous surgeon Academician Bakulev; Y.Kostrov - a poet-interpreter; founders of the cap-root handicraft - the Makarovs' dynasty; bell casters the Karkins, the Bakulevs; Grigory Bulatov who hoisted the first assault flag over Reichstag on April 30tn, 1945.
 The bell-tower of the Saviour-Transfiguration church

A monument of architecture of the Republican significance. It was built in 1823 according to the design of Dussar de Neville, an architect of the Vyatka province. The three-tier bell-tower with a passage in the center was built in the style of the late classicism. It is situated in the main square of the town and is the main dominant of the composition.




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Monuments of

The Archangel Michael's Church
A monument of architecture of the Republican significance. It was built in 1610 on the territory of the Annunciation monastery. The chapel is of two-part structure: promenades with descents and a temple - a framework made of logs, square in plane. The monument is an example of the traditional Russian wood­en architecture.

The Catherine's church
A monument of architecture of the Republican significance. It was built in 1699 at the place of the burnt wooden one. The style - the Vyatka baroque. It was rebuilt many times. In 1914 the two side-chapels - the northern and the southern ones in the Russian-Byzantine style - were added. The church was a part of the city trade square ensemble. At present it is a functioning church.

The Annunciation church
A monument of architecture of the Republican significance. It was built in 1784 at the place of the burnt cathedral. The church is one-storeyed of the refec­tory type with two tiers of windows in the centra! cube. !t is crowned with a dome with a small cupola on the high drum. It is situated on the main trade square of the town. At present it houses the muse­um of local /ore, history and economy.






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